Students who need academic help or who are looking for guidance on how to take their learning to the next level are never far from the experts at Moraine Valley. The college’s campus is rich in skill-building resources that are readily available for students. From peer-to-peer collaboration within specific programs to one-on-one sessions with professional tutors in the college’s certified tutoring center, students can find the help they need to complete their associate degree or certificate and prepare for their future educational endeavors.


的博士. 艾琳H. Brodie Academic Skills Center–certified by the College Reading and Learning Association–helps students improve their academic skills through an innovative academic support system. Trained peer and professional tutors provide support and encouragement to all students who seek academic assistance. The Academic Skills Center provides learning support programs and materials to help students improve learning habits.

Speaking and Writing Center

The Speaking and Writing Center at Moraine Valley is home to student and faculty trained writing consultants offering free writing consultations to anyone who wants them. The Writing Center is more about making confident, 有经验的, stronger writers–writers who ask the “big” questions first.


Librarians are always available when the 图书馆 is open to assist students with their research, 引用, writing and information needs in person, online or by phone. The 图书馆 provides a variety of services and resources to help students attain educational goals. Resources include online databases, 书, 电子书, streaming media collections, dvd, textbook collections, and course reserves. The 图书馆 also offers individual and group study spaces, 解剖模型, 计算器, ipad, and laptops for a limited check-out period, as well as over 100 desktop computers for students to use on campus.

Tutoring Opportunities

Many of the college’s programs and/or faculty members offer or orchestrate tutoring or collaborative learning opportunities for their students. From study and conversation groups to scheduled office and tutoring hours, students are not alone on their path to academic success.