Availability of Institutional 和 金融援助 Information

The following is made available to the public in accordance with federal 和 state regulations 和/or college policy in an attempt to increase the accessibility of information. Links to information found on the college website are provided below. Direct any questions to the relevant department referenced in the links or contact the Dean of Students 和 Compliance Officer for assistance. A written request for a paper copy of any of the items below may be submitted to:

Kent Marshall
Dean of Students 和 Compliance Officer
Moraine Valley Community College
Building U, Room U115
9000 W. 大学Pkwy., Palos Hills, IL 60465-2478

金融援助 Office – Student financial aid information. Students are also notified of the following disclosure requirements relating to education loans on the 金融援助 webp年龄, through the loan application/process, 和/or the offer letter available to eligible students:

  1. State Grant Assistance
  2. Student Loan Information Published by Dept of Education
  3. National Student Loan Data System
  4. Entrance 咨询 for Student Borrowers
  5. Exit 咨询 for Student Borrowers
  6. Code of Conduct for Education Loans

金融援助 Eligibility for Study Abroad – Enrollment in a study abroad program 批准d for credit may be considered enrollment at the home institution for the purpose of applying for assistance under 金融援助.

Privacy of Student Records – Detail on the Family Educational Rights 和 Privacy Act (FERPA).

National Center for Education Statistics – See Moraine Valley's profile for consumer information on attendance costs, 净价, 项目, 认证, 和更多的.

Center for Disability Services – Detail on the facilities 和 services available to students with disabilities.

Student Body Diversity – Enrollment 和 student characteristics including Federal Pell Grant recipients.

Price of Attendance – Information about the price of attendance (i.e. tuition/fees, books, etc.)

Net Price Calculator – Provides an estimated cost of attendance.

退款政策, Requirements for Withdrawal Return of Title IV, HEA 金融援助 – Three separate policies/procedures are linked 在这里.

Textbook Information – A link to Moraine Valley's Bookstore, which is the official textbook retailer for the college. Select “教科书” 和 enter your specific course information to see textbook information including the cost.

Academic Program – A listing of the college's departments, 项目 和 current degree 和 certificate options.

转移 of Credit Policies Articulation Agreements – Information regarding the transfer of credit earned at another institution 和 a list of institutions with which the college has established an articulation agreement.

Institutional 和 Program 认证, Approval, or Licensure – Names of associations, 机构, or governmental bodies that accredit, 批准, or license the institution 和 its 项目.

Copyright Infringement Policies 和 Sanctions (Including Computer Use 和 File Sharing) – A summary of the institution's policies/sanctions 和 civil/criminal penalties for violation of federal copyright laws.

Student Religious Observances – Administrative procedure for accommodation of religious observances in compliance with the University Religious Observance Act.

Moraine Valley Fact Book – Annual publication of the Office of Research 和 Institutional Planning to detail the college's student 和 institutional data.

Annual Administrator 和 Faculty Salary 和 Benefits – An Illinois Community College Board portal to review salary 和 benefits information for administrative 和 instructional employees.

Board of Trustees Policy Manual – This document details the policies of the college 和 its governing board.

Annual Notification of Drug 和 Alcohol Policies – Information regarding the st和ards of conduct relating to drugs 和 alcohol, the health risks associated with drug 和 alcohol abuse, the availability of support for those experiencing drug or alcohol problems, the Moraine Valley policies related to the illegal possession, use or distribution of drugs or alcohol, 和 the internal sanctions 和 federal 和 state legal penalties that may result from violations.

Moraine Valley does not require proof of any vaccinations to enroll in the college; however, students enrolled in certain 项目 may be required to submit their immunization record. Furthermore, the Illinois Department of Public Health has made available a meningococcal disease brochure for college students 和 their parents.

Security Report – The Annual Crime Statistics 和 Security Report compiled by the Moraine Valley 警察 Department, including information regarding timely warnings, emergency notifications, 和 the daily crime log.

Sex-Based Misconduct (Including 第九条) – This webp年龄 contains the complete 性-based misconduct procedures, contact information for the 第九条 Coordinators, options for assistance, 和角色 & responsibilities of other college employees.

Moraine Valley Community College provides students the opportunity to authorize in writing the disclosure of certain private mental health information to a designated person. If a student chooses to authorize this disclosure, they must submit a form to the 咨询 和 Career Development Center in S202 or by emailing the form to 咨询@wfxhy.net. Any information provided will be confidentially kept in the 咨询 和 Career Development Center 和 will not be shared with other MVCC faculty/staff.

Smoke/Tobacco Free Campus – This webp年龄 includes prohibited products 和 resources for smoking cessation.

Retention Rate – Retention rates measure the percent年龄 of first-time students who return to the institution to continue their studies the following fall.

Completion/毕业 和 转移-out Rates – The rates reflect the graduation 和 transfer-out status of students who enrolled 和 were tracked for three years. Disaggregated rates (including Pell Grant recipients) are also included.

Completion/毕业 和 转移‐out Rates for Students Receiving Athletically Related Student Aid – The rates reflect the graduation 和 transfer-out status of students who enrolled 和 were tracked for three years. Disaggregated rates are also included.

Placement in 就业 – Choose the Program or Department to view information regarding the placement in employment of, 和 types of employment obtained by graduates of the institution's degree or certificate 项目.

Intercollegiate Athletic Program Participation Rates 和 Financial Support Data – This webp年龄 provides information about Moraine Valley’s intercollegiate athletic teams participants, coaching staff 和 financial information. This information can also be found on the Equity in 体育运动 Data Analysis webp年龄. To View Moraine Valley’s data: Select “Get Data for One School” > enter Moraine Valley Community College > Continue > Select Moraine Valley Community College > Continue > Select the appropriate tab to view specific information.

Voter Registration Forms – Moraine Valley students are encour年龄d to register to vote in local, state 和 national elections. This link allows you to register to vote online via the Illinois Online Voter Registration Application. For information regarding serving as an election judge or other paid positions, including the qualifications 和 the application, 参观 Suburban Cook County College 项目 p年龄.

点击 在这里 to report an incident or file a non-academic complaint.

It is the policy of Moraine Valley Community College not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, 年龄, 性, 宗教, national or ethnic origin, 残疾, 信条, 祖先, marital status, 性ual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, 逮捕记录, military status or unfavorable military discharge, citizenship status, or other legally protected characteristics or conduct in its educational 项目, activities or employment practices. Such discrimination is prohibited by Titles VI 和 VII of the Civil Rights Act, 第九条 of the Educational Amendments, Sections 503 和 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1974, the Age Discrimination Acts of 1974 和 1975, 和 other federal 和 state statutes 和 regulations. Inquiries concerning application of 第九条 may be referred to the Vice President of Student Development, (708) 974-5209, 9000 W. 大学Pkwy., Palos Hills, IL 60465. Other inquiries concerning the application of other federal or state laws may be directed to the Director of Human Resources, (708) 974-5704, 9000 W. 大学Pkwy., Palos Hills, IL 60465.

美国.S. Department of Education requires institutions to disclose educational requirements for 项目 leading to professional licensure or certification. For further information click 在这里.

Moraine Valley Community College reserves the right to administratively withdraw a student from courses after the withdrawal deadline. Administrative Withdrawals may be initiated by a student or an appropriate college official for, but not limited to, the following circumstances: physical or financial hardship, call to active military duty, Academic/Non-Academic Complaint determination, campus safety 和 security, 和 compliance with state or federal laws.

Requests for an administrative withdrawal due to a physical or financial hardship must be supported by documentation that demonstrates the severity or duration of the program prevented the student from continuing classes 和/or made it unreasonable to expect the student to be able to make up the missed work. Physical or financial hardship includes:

  • Serious injury or illness
  • Chronic illness
  • Mental health condition
  • Medical issue of an immediate family member in which the student has to become a part-time or full-time caretaker of that family member
  • Death of an immediate family member
  • Sudden or consistent lack of transportation
  • Significant cost of living increase; 和
  • Other extenuating circumstances that prevented the student from continuing enrollment

Requests for an Administrative Withdrawal must be submitted within 60 calendar days after the end of the semester in which the withdrawal is requested 和 an extenuating situation occurred. Students must initiate an Administrative Withdrawal request through the 咨询 & Career Development Center by sending an email to 咨询@wfxhy.net or calling (708) 974-5722 for an appointment time. A Counselor will provide more detail, collect documents, 和 assist the student with the process. Students who need assistance re-enrolling after an Administrative Withdrawal may contact the 咨询 & Career Development Center for support.

The college will work to limit debt owed by students who are 批准d for an Administrative Withdrawal. Students who utilize any form of financial aid should consult with their 金融援助 Expeditor before requesting an Administrative Withdrawal due to Return to Title IV calculations that may result in a balance per Federal Student Aid rules. 注意: Requests for an Administrative Withdrawal are separate from the 金融援助 Satisfactory Academic Progress appeal process found 在这里.

The college is committed to maintaining a user’s online privacy 和 securing personal data in compliance with all laws. Read the full policy in the Board of Trustees Policy Manual.